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HP Lovecraft
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I tried out these leggings and they look so cool! Brand new leggings are up in the shop! I'm so pleased with how these turned out. They look striped until you look closer.

Ha I are funny. This is the new Elder Sign Dress
srat wasr

My first attempt to depict a fishy denizen of Innsmouth, MA. The head was inspired by the massive placoderm
Dunkleosteus terrelli

Deeper...Collapse )
15th-Jul-2010 09:27 pm - some newer pictures of mine
i colored my shoggoth picture and liked how it turned out

i also re-drew shub-niggurath

and i drew the head of a ghoul from pikmans model
29th-May-2010 05:02 pm - Drawings
I cannot believe it's the largest H. P.'s comm here in LJ, but still...
I've made a couple of drawings, here they are:
Haunter of the Dark

In the Walls of Eryx

And if you're interested, I sell them on eBay here and here. Listing ends today.
ORDINARY comments are welcome ;)
30th-Jul-2009 01:21 am - the avatar of hastur
i messed up on the clothes and i think im gonna take away the hood for the final version
9th-Jul-2009 09:05 pm - old sketch of a Deep One

old sketch of a Deep One :)
30th-Jun-2009 04:18 pm - cthulhu
here is my new cthulhu picture hope you enjoy it currently working on hastur i will post when im done with that
12th-Jun-2009 04:42 am - my cthulhu comic concept art
got a scanner and scanned the cthulhu concept art in hope you have feedback

this is a pic of the main character of the comic in a mental hospital personally i like this one
its a cthonian
this is an attempt for cthulhu but im gonna change it
this is just a cultist wearing his cult stuff
this is father dagon when i first drew it i didnt care for it but i like it now
this is one of he dark young
Dimensional Shambler is what his one is didnt turn out right
here is a character that gets her face burned by the slime of a shoggoth
here is what my fish men look like
this one is obviously a flying polyp
this is a ghoul maybe i think this is pretty much right but badly drawn
now i know you need me to say that the creature in the back is a great race of yith or the body they possess at least
ok i really love this picture but need too improve body its mother hydra
this is ithaqua im pretty sure i need to redraw him
ahh yes a mi-go thats all i have to say

these are night gaunts im gonna probably mix them together for the final version

ok top true form bottom human form of nyrlathotep
this is a shantak yeah i know doesnt look like a dragon and has no scales so sue me

these are pictures of a shoggoth hes cute enough to kiss dont you think?
like i need to name this one well i will anyway shub-niggurath

and last is 2 attempts on star spawn of cthulhu personally i like how both of them came out but i like 2 more
12th-May-2009 01:20 am - cthulhu comic
i am currently working on a comic series based on the cthulhu mythos but it will not be based on any of the already written storys anyway i will probably post the concept art of the creatures up here so i know that i did not change what they look like too much and they will be possible to identify when i actually make the comics but i need to get a scanner first hopefully that will be soon cause i got a hell of allot of the creature designs drawn
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